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4 Ways to Stay Safer When Using Heavy Machinery

Staying safe is important when it comes to operating heavy equipment. By keeping vigilant, many accidents can be avoided. Here are a few tips for staying safe when working with heavy machinery.

Be Careful When Going On and Off

Many injuries occur as a result of falling or slipping when going on or off a vehicle. It’s a good idea to have at least three of your four arms and legs firmly on the vehicle at all times when going on and off. In addition, make sure that the footholds and steps are firmly attached and that the vehicle is on flat ground.

Be Careful When Loading Packages

When loading heavy packages onto your equipment, be careful that nobody gets hurt from falling packages or sliding machinery. To that effect, make sure that the packages are being handled carefully, and that the vehicle is on flat ground. In addition, keep bystanders away from the vehicle during such times.

Make Sure Your Path Is Clear

When driving your vehicle, make sure that your path is clear, both from underground and overhead obstacles. Make sure that underground obstacles such as power lines are clearly marked, and look above before you drive in any direction.

Attend Safety Training Classes

Nothing compares to being taught how to stay safe in a hands-on manner. Reading is one thing; learning from an experienced instructor is another. We offer weekly safety classes to help keep you safe. You’ll also get a certification card for the equipment you train for.

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