Safety Training


Each year, tens of thousands of injuries result from equipment accidents. The Journal of Safety Research reports that, unfortunately, operator error is the number one cause of equipment related accidents.

Safety research has proven the best way to keep your employees safe is to train them. Ensure one of your employees never becomes a part of the statistics is by enrolling them in operator and safety training classes.

Studies clearly indicated that trained equipment operators significantly reduce accidents that result from operator error. In fact, a recent study funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, concluded safety training was a driving factor in decreasing operator errors… according to the study that decrease was a whopping 70 percent.

Equipment Training

A.W.P. (Aerial Work Platform)
This includes all scissor lifts, boom lifts and vertical mast lifts up to 86’.
Ultra Booms
This includes boom lifts from 120’ - 185’.
Reach Forklifts
Rough terrain forklifts with telescoping boom.
This includes straight mast and warehouse style forklifts.

Class and Certification Information (How to & What you Get)

How to Schedule a Class
Classes can be scheduled onsite, at your office or at our facility.
Offsite Training
For any offsite, training equipment will need to be accessible as well as a classroom like setting. (i.e. job trailer or conference room).
Class Size
Classes hold up to 12 people max and times vary from 4-6 hours.
Who to Contact
Please contact your local All Access office to schedule your next training class.
What you Receive
Students will receive a Training Certification Card like the one pictured on the left after completion of the class.

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