As a family owned and operated company, All Access Services takes great pride in becoming one of Riverside's top providers of warehouse equipment to help organizations provide better efficiency and safety for the employees. As Riverside continues to play a key role in the logistics of moving goods in and out of the greater Southern California area, and with this growing presence the need for high quality equipment such as scissor lifts to perform the necessary tasks is crucial to providing an efficient work environment for the organization's business processes. While warehouses continue to expand in length and size, the need to store goods has increased and also caused warehouses to stack goods and products higher. This is when scissor lifts come in to help. Depending on the heights of the warehouse and goods, there are various scissor lifts available to meet this needs including the 32 foot warehouse scissor lift.

32' Scissor Lift Warehouse Features

Run Longer on a Single Charge: Delivers double the battery life.
Work in Sensitive Areas: Available CleanGuard leak containment system allows for work on sensitive flooring.
Reduce Operating Costs: Electric drive and integrated components with reduced hydraulic components on the entire machine lower the chances for leaks and service calls to keep you on the job longer.


32 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift

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