How do you know you’re getting the best deal on aerial lift rentals with All Access Services?

You’ll never have unexplained or surprise fees, weeks of wait and limited availability, or extended downtime for maintenance.

We maintain our equipment to the highest standards to ensure there is no downtime. If something should happen to the equipment, we will get you a replacement quickly to make sure that things continue as needed. Just simply give us a quick call should something happen, and our representatives will be there to help.

You can easily request an aerial platform that will meet the horizontal reach and length that you need for the job. Whether you need electric or gas equipment, we carry them all. And all you have to do is simply let us know the location and we will provide delivery of the aerial equipment!

Aerial work platforms include knuckle boom lifts that can reach heights of 40’ and jibs that can reach 144 degrees, these are optimal for moving around obstacles on warehouse and construction sites.

Riverside Aerial Lifts Include:

Scissor Lifts
Telehandler Rentals
Straight Boom Rentals
Knuckle Boom Rentals
Fork Attachment Accessories

All Access Services provides quick delivery to your jobsite. Our team will deliver your equipment on time and on budget, improving your efficiency and helping you get your job done! Special delivery rates may apply in your area.

Riverside Aerial Equipment - Scissor Lifts

Scissor lifts are a type of aerial work platform used by industrial and construction teams, but they are also commonly used for residential tasks. Scissor lifts provide a wide platform that can hold several workers at once. They can reach heights between 20 and 50 feet.

While all scissor lifts generally have the same design and function, electric scissor lifts are more ideal for residential use while rough terrain scissor lifts are better suited for heavy-duty industrial or maintenance jobs.

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