Articulating Boom Lift for Rent San Diego

free-estimateAre you in the market for an articulating boom lift? When a job requires you to reach great heights, you need an articulating boom lift. These machines feature aerial work platforms and have two or more boom sections that hinge. The lifts allow you to easily tackle all types of tasks. Since these lifts are small, they'll fit almost anywhere, and they can reach over obstacles. Find out how an articulating boom lift works, learn key safety tips, and discover why you need one of these machines for your next job.

What Is an Articulating Boom Lift?

Articulating boom lifts go by a few different names. Some manufacturers call them “articulating booms” or “up-and-over booms.” Likewise, some contractors call them “cherry pickers” or “knuckle booms.” No matter what you call them, these versatile machines get the job done.

Articulating booms are aerial lifts that rely on hydraulics to move up and down. While they come in different sizes, all models have great reach capabilities. They can lift workers dozens of feet in the air. Thanks to their hinges, or articulations, they can extend over walls, wires, and other barriers.

Articulating Boom Lift Features

Many models come with a jib, which makes accessing distant heights easier. This projecting arm gives the platform up to an extra 6 feet of reach so that you don't have to move the lift every time you need to change positions slightly.

Since all models feature wheels, these lifts can also move forward, backward, and side to side. Many articulating booms have a tight turning radius. This feature allows them to change directions and turn around easily, even in limited spaces.

The tight turning radius also allows for more exact movements, which is helpful for navigating around tree branches or power lines. These jib lifts can run on gas or diesel (also called dual fuel), or electricity, and you can easily find a model that works for your job site.

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