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Theft Prevention for Heavy Equipment on Jobsites

Unfortunately it has become commonplace on today's jobsites for heavy equipment theft. The NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) estimates that there about $1 billion in annual losses from heavy equipment theft each year. Costs outside of the replacement of the heavy equipment include lost time, increased labor costs due to downtime and potential penalties if the theft delays a project. Here at All Access Services, we have experienced this equipment theft on clients jobsites and want to provide tips on avoiding heavy equipment theft by increasing jobsite security and equipment protection.

Jobsite Security: Theft Prevention

While all job sites vary, it is important to enclose the site with fencing. While this may seem common knowledge on jobsites, there are many cases where a fence may not have been installed or it lacked proper set up allowing for easy access. Make sure the fence is see through such as a chain link fence so that you can see inside a trespasser. We recommend fences that are 8' ft high with posts spaced smaller than the width of the narrowest piece of heavy equipment you have. If possible, barbed wire or razor tape on the top of fences can be very powerful in deterring trespassers. Before the day is over, complete a jobsite inspection to ensure the fence is in tact and locked up properly.

Use Warning Signs

Make sure there are warning signs or no trespassing signs around the perimeter of the jobsite, if possible, outline the laws that will be broken and penalties enforced to provide an extra layer of determent. You can also add decal warnings on the equipment itself.

Put up Gates

When possible, have 1 entrance and exit to the site and gates should have a padlock attached to the fence. Remember, theft can happen quickly so its important to maximize security measures and deterrents as much as possible.

All Access Services also recommends lots of lighting if possible with lights aimed at the worksite. By conducting routine lighting inspections and fixing any bulbs that are out can protect the heavy machinery.

Anchor Equipment

Every company and every jobsite is different, these quick tips will also provide an extra layer of security:

Secure unattended on-site equipment with a chain or cable.
Paint the chains a bright color as an added deterrent.
Immobilize and Track Equipment
Remove the hitch on towed equipment or trailers.
Remove the tires on equipment that’s not used regularly.
Install theft prevention devices that disable fuel, hydraulic and/or electrical systems on higher value equipment.
Consider removing the wires and/or the battery on larger equipment.
Install a GPS tracking device on equipment.

If your equipment is stolen, you can reduce downtime by keeping accurate records to provide information for the police report and increase the odds of recovering the heavy machinery with reliable record keeping of jobsite equipment.

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