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JLG and SkyTrack Latest Accessories for Telehandlers

WithJLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers, accessories play an important role in the productivtiy and efficiency of the machine, ultimately all impacting the bottom line. When operators of these machines have quality equipment and accessories, this will help them get the job done right with little downtime. Accessories also help these operators complete important maintenance tasks while on the jobsite.

Here are a few of the different options available and how to order telehandler accessories from All Access Services.

jlg telehandler latest features

Seatbelt Engagement Assurance - Operator Presence

The S.E.A. (Seatbelte Engagement Assurance) produces a visible and audible alarm that will activate when an operator is seated and unbuckled. Once the seatbelt is fastened the alarm will stop, the seatbelt leaves the seat or turns the ignition off. The intended use of the alarms is to remind the operator that the engine will not prevent engine start up or hydraulic and rdive functions, ultimately very similar to a vehicle.

If an operator is not present, then the engine and hydraulic functions will not prohibited from starting. If the overall system detects a loss in seat pressure, the followin will happen:

-->If the park brake is in place with the transmission being in neutral, then the hydraulic controls will be disabled. One the operator has returned to the seated position, the hydraulic controls are once again enabled.

-->If parking brake is disengaged and transmission is in netural, then the hydraulic controls will be disabled and the cabin alarm will sound continuously. Once the operator has returned to the seat, alarm will stop and hydraulic controls enabled.

-->If the parking brake is disengaged but the transmission is in forward or reverse, then hydraulic controls will be disabled, alarm will sound, and the transmission will shift to neutral. Once the operator has returned to the seat, once again hydraulic controls will be enabled, alarm will stop, and the transmission will need to be put back in to netural for a system reset.

Remote Boom Control (Only on Select Telehandlers)

This is a really cool features that allows operators to control the boom from OUTSIDE of the cabin, which in turn helps provide improved visibility during the load placement process. Potentially eliminates the need for 2 people - 1 in the cab and 1 at location where the material will be placed. This can improve site efficiency. Operators now have the abilit to wirelessly operate the following machine functions: engine startup, boom raise / lower, boom extend / retract, fork lift tilt up / down and auxiliary hydraulics.

Multi-Reverse Camera System for SkyTrak Telehandlers

The multi-reverse camera system will give operators a better ability and more confidence when backing up. It will increase job site awareness by displaying multiple views from behind the machine (left, right, and rear). These multi-reverse camera system can be used day or night.

Three key components for the multi-reverse camera:

Left- and right-side back up cameras
Rear back-up cameras
Tri-View Monitor

Reverse Sensing System

Alerts operators of rear obstructions.

Reversing Camera

Operators can back up with confidence thanks to the rearview camera.

Multifunction Display

Everything an operator needs at a glance, including integrated electronic load charts, a reversing camera, onboard diagnostics and analyzer capabilities.

Ride Control

Improves boom control over rough terrain.

Cold Weather Package

The cold weather package for SkyTrack telehandlers is for work and jobsites in colder weather down to -20 degrees. It includes a hydraulic tank heater, battery heater, and cold weather fluids (hydraulic oil and antifreeze).


Reduce debris caused by tire rotation.

Firestone Duraforce® MH Tires

WIth self-cleaning tread design, this offers an increased tread depth and less compaction while lowering the cost of ownership because these tires are less susceptible to sidewall damage and last up to 3x longer than standard telehandler tires.

Other accessory options available include:

Cab Covers
Cab Enclosure Kits – Vinyl and Hard
Air Ride Seat
Rotating Beacon
2nd Auxiliary Hydraulics
Molded Floor Mat
Radio Ready Kit
Tilt Steering
Brick Guard
Air Conditioning
Secondary Steering
Boom Brushes
Wiper Package

Accessories to help service techs minimize downtime and keep equipment running at peak performance…

Chain Kits
Wear Pad Kits
Hydraulic Pressure Testing Kits
Fork Wear Calipers

How to Purchase These Accessories

When you’re ready to buy accessories for your JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers, call All Access Services at 888-777-5990

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