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Tires play a vital role in overall telehandler operating efficiency. With their ability to lift heavy loads even on unstable surfaces, the telehandler relies on tires that are in proper shape and maintained up to industry standards. These tires require special attention for their operator rideability, the point where the machine stays in contact with the ground for stablity, and keeping the equipment in balance.

Tires often go unnoticed on jobsites when keeping a telehandler maintained, but preventative tire maintenance can positively affect the overal performance, which will in turn improve all aspects from productivity to safety and cost of ownership.

telehandler tire care tips

3 Tire Maintenance Tips for JLG® and SkyTrak® Telehandlers

Here are some tips for tire care maintenance on JLG® and SkyTrak® telehandlers

Inspect Tires Daily

It is often overlooked on jobsites, but telehandler tires need to be inspected throughout the day. Start the day with a machine walk around before the workday begins and also after operator shift change when a new operator comes in to the machine.

For pneumatic tires, All Access recommends that when a tire cut or tear is discovered that exposes the sidewall or area cords in the tire, you must remove the telehandler from the the operating jobsite immediately. You must then mak earrangements as quick as possible to replace the worn out tire or tire assembly.

When it comes to polyurethane foam-filled telehandler tires, All Access recommends that if any of the following issues are found during an inspection, the equipment must be taken from service immediately and sent in for maintenance or tire replacement.

Smooth, even cut through the cord plies which exceeds 3 inches in total length
Tears or rips (ragged edges) in the cord plies which exceeds 1 inch in any direction
Punctures that exceed 1 inch in diameter
Damage to the bead area cords of the tire

If a tire is damaged, but noted with the above criteria, make sure the telehandler is inspected daily so as not to operatoe beyond the allowable criteria.

replace jlg tires

Check Tire Inflation

For stability and handling characteristics of the telehandler, properly inflated tires play an important role in telehandler efficiency, especially under a heavy load. Make sure the tires inflation is in accordance with the tire pressure label on the side of the tire or rim, which has been recommended and approved by the tire manufacturer. When its cold out, make sure you check the tire pressure.

Large-bore valve stems are used to expedite inflation and deflation of the tires. An inner tube may be used if a tire does not have an airtight seal.

Change Damaged Tires

If a tire on a telehandler needs to be replaced, industry standards recommend that you replace the tire with the same size and brand as originally installed. You can always refer back to the manufacturers operating manual for the correct replacement.

After the replacement tires have been installed, its important that the tires are inflated to the required pressure specificaitons on the side of the tire or rim decal.

If you don't replace the tire with a JLG approved tire, make sure the tires have the following characteristics:

Equal or greater ply/load rating and size of original;
Tire tread contact width equal or greater than original;
Wheel diameter, width, and offset dimensions equal to original; and
Approved for the application by the tire manufacturer (including inflation pressure and maximum tire load)

The machine may be comprised if you use a different tire than the machine currently has because of the mismatch in brand characteristics such as tire size, ply ratings. This may compromise the machine's stability and may cause the telehandler to tip over.

Important Note: Rims installed on JLG and SkyTrak telehandlers have been designed for industry stability requirements. These requirements consist of track width, tire pressure and load capacity.

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