Heavy Equipment Preventative Maintenance - Why it Matters

Heavy equipment maintenance continues to evolve as technology does. In the past you weren't aware that there were issues with the equipment until it was too late but in today's modern age, your machinery can allert you when there's an issue prior to downtime occuring. With the ability to catch issues without having to look at the machine is an industry changer - you can now do this with "predictive maintenance".

This type of maintenance can predict equipment malfunctions and issues while the equipment is on the jobsite and can send a notification to your team to address them, which allows you to prevent costly downtime. We will continue on below about what predictive maintenance is and why it matters for your organization.

heavy equipment preventative maintenance

So What is Heavy Equipment Predictive Maintenance?

In its basic synopsis, predictive maintenance uses real-time data directly from the equipment with monitoring technology to indicate issues before they occur. With a proactive data driven approach to assess the machine'es performance while its in operation, can reduce downtime for unplanned replacements or repairs.

Predictive maintenance requires technologies that are connected to the machines to take measurements and data collection. This allows team members to analyze the data from the equipment. NOTE: It's vital to establish baselines for the machine's before you begin using predictive maintenance to identify issues when the machien is operating outside those parameters.

Predictive vs Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to the best maintenance plans, these include both preventive and predictive procedures. While of course both maintenance strategies focus on providing a proactive approach to reduce unexpected downtime and potential equipment failure, there are very distinct differences between the 2.

Unlike preventive maintenance, predictive maintenance:

Can be performed while the machine is in operation
Occurs as-needed based on data, instead of following a schedule
Has targeted downtime if an issue is detected
Focuses on real-time equipment data—not solely on an inspection

Instead of the common era where the operator or technician siganls there's a major issue with the equipment, the data will now be sent when there's a potential issue. The primary goal of predictive maintenance is to remotely identify and know about issues before they become larger.

Why It’s Important

When predictive maintenace is done correctly, it can alert you to future issues before even the operator technician knows. Smaller issues can be quickly fixed before they create a larger issue that can be more expensive to repair. Predictive maintenance will provide notifications before issues happen.

Technicians and operators will receive an alert with a notification about specific issues which will in turn reduce the cost of service with technicians being able to arrive with the correct parts and tools to repair specific components, and even eliminate the need for service maintenance calls.

Equipment will stay in service longer, reducing revenue and operating loss. It will also improve operator safety and jobsite safety because the data will help decide whether a machine is in operable condition.

Real-time data can then be used to analyze and enhance overall maintenance programs and practices. Example: You will be notified before there is an issue with a specific part but not when its still usable, which will improve inventory efficiency.

Take Advantage of Technologies

When your equipment has the ability to send real-time analysis and data, you can put that to use using predictive maintenance. Partnering with a manufacturer that offers actionable data can streamline and expand capabilities.

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