3 Super Important Pieces of Equipment You Need in the Cell Tower Industry

Just about everyone these days has a cell phone. In fact, the Pew Research Center states that 95 % of Americans now have a mobile phone. With cell phone ownership there also is the demand for great service. Everyone wants to be able to make their call, text, email, or stream their video right now. When the cell service isn’t working, people may get a bit testy because they’ve come to rely on it so much. That means if you are a cell phone service provider, you need to ensure that your customers have the best service possible. Here are 3 pieces of equipment that will help you do your job faster, better, and more effectively.

Boom Lifts
A telescopic boom lift that reaches to an amazing 150 feet gets your crew to those hard to reach power lines. This will ensure you restore power so that customers are happy. No need to worry about safety with the protective railings that surround all sides of the lift.

Scissor Lifts
You will likely need varying lengths of height when working on different lines and a multitude of outage conditions. That’s where a scissor lift is so helpful. Rent the height you need. Whether it’s 12′ or 43,’ these handy machines move around on a platform. This means you can bring it just about anywhere.

Reach Forks
A reach forklift is a necessary piece of equipment because these rough-terrain vehicles will allow you to traverse across rugged conditions such as mud, bumpy rocks, tall weeds, and more. These vehicles will soon become your indispensable sidekick. Some of these amazing pieces of equipment can lift 12,000 lbs. and have a 55 ft. reach.

Don’t be stuck with testy customers or poor equipment to get the job done, invest in rental equipment to keep your customers online. Get in touch with All Access Services for more information about your rentals today!