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Scissor Lifts Are Being Used in Unconventional Settings

Scissor lifts are a versatile piece of machinery that have traditionally been used in construction and industrial settings to elevate workers and equipment. Over the past few years scissor lifts have been sought after in a variety of unconventional settings and industries. Scissor lifts have now also found a home in creative industries, emergency teams, agriculture and more! Let's get in to some of these growing uses of scissor lifts in various industries.

New Industries for Scissor Lifts

Film and Television Production

For the film and and television industry, scissor lifts continue to grow in popularity as a way to get the "perfect shot". Scissor lifts allow camera operators to reach difficult angles and positions that would be virtually impossible to get to without the use of a lift. They are also used as a way to create dramatic camera movements, examples include rising above a crowd or sweeping through a landscape. And of course they are commonly used by the crew to light scenes, allowing crew members to adjust the height and angle of lights easily.


Retailers have most often used scissor lifts for maintenance efforts around their properties, but are now often being used to create eye catching multi-level displays and signage that can now be hung from high ceilings. But of course they will continue to be used in the retail industry for general maintenance tasks.

Emergency Response

Safety teams are continuing to find scissor lifts extremely helpful where traditional equipment is not able to reach a required height. Let's say there is a rescue situation where an individual is trapped on a high-rise building, a scissor lift has the ability to reach the necessary height quickly and safely for the personnel. Firefighters have begun using scissor lifts to reach levels of height during a fire.


Many orchards and vineyards are implementing scissor lifts in to daily tasks because of their ability to raise workers to levels of height that are up in the trees or on vines. This reduces the need for ladders and other equipment that can be dangerous for workers. Other uses in agriculture including pruning and spraying on orchards and vineywards.


Photographers love scissor lifts because it provides a stable platform for them at height as a way to capture unique images. This gives them a birds-eye view on the subject matter they are shooting and used to capture panoramic shots of cities and landscapes.

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