Renting Construction Heavy Equipment: What to Look For

Construction projects require a variety of heavy equipment to move, excavate, and build and they rely on having well-maintained equipment not only for the safety of the workers but to keep projects on schedule. Instead of purchasing equipment, many construction contractors turn to All Access Services to rent heavy equipment because it's a cos-effective solution for their projects. The heavy equipment we are referring to includes telehandlers, boom lifts, and scissor lifts. Here are some recommendations to contractors when renting heavy equipment for their needs.

Factors to Consider for Equipment Rentals

Scissor Lifts
rent a scissor lift
Boom Lifts
rent a boom lift
rent a telehandler

Equipment Availability

The first step in renting construction equipment is to determine the equipment you will need on the job site. You may need to rent multiple types of machinery and its important that the company you rent from has all the equipment available when you need it. All Access Services carries a fleet of heavy equipment machines available for rent on a short- and long-term basis. You simply let us know what is required and what sizes, our team will get you what you need.

Quality of the Equipment

The quality of the equipment you rent can make a significant difference in the overall success of the project. When heavy equipment isn't performing as needed or is consistently breaking down can ruin project timelines and create worker frustration. All Access Services maintains our entire fleet of heavy equipment and will provide an inspection of the equipment you rent before it's delivered to your location.

Rental Cost

On any job site, cost plays a major factor in any construction projects, renting equipment is no exception. Make sure you ask your rental company for a complete breakdown of the rental costs including any fees or charges that may be incurred. At All Access Services, we will provide a free equipment rental quote once we understand what type of equipment you are looking for, how long, and where you are located. Our team provides straightforward pricing to our clients.

Rental Period

How long you need the equipment for is another important factor to consider. Having the equipment available to you as long as you need plays a vital role and many companies don't provide much flexibility in the rental periods of time. All Access Services provides you the ability to rent the equipment on a short- or long-term basis, even months on end if your job site requires it. As soon as it's no longer in use, we will come to your location and pick it up.

Delivery and Pick-up Options

Transporting heavy construction equipment can be challenging for many providers and its important that you consider delivery and pick-up options. Some companies require the renter to arrange pick-up from their location. All Access Services provides full deliver and pick-up services, you simply let us know the day you need it and we will deliver it to your location, as soon as the machine is no longer in use, we will come pick it up!

About All Access Services

Serving construction projects throughout Southern California with heavy equipment rentals, we have 3 locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside to serve our clients. Each location carries a fleet of scissor lifts, telehandlers, boom lifts, and forklifts available for rent at affordable rates. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry and hope to earn your trust and business!