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The Ultimate Guide to Articulating Boom Lifts: Benefits, Uses, and Maintenance Tips

Articulating boom lifts are a type of aerial work platform that provides flexibility and versatility when accessing areas of height. There are a variety of industries that rely on articulating boom lifts for job site tasks icnluding construction, painting, maintenance, tree trimming, and much more. Articulating boom lifts are a sought after type of equipment that provides a variety of benefits, let's jump in to some of the benefits and proper maintenance tips for this type of equipment.

Benefits of Articulating Boom Lifts


Because this machine has multiple hinged sections, the boom lift allows for the right positioning in confined areas or around job site obstacles. The articulating boom gives it the ability to bend and extend, reach over and around obstacles, and provides accessibility in a variety of work environments. The increased maneuverability allows operators to maneuver the machine in challenging terrains, construction sites, or industry type settings, making the articulating boom lift a sought after asset for accomplishing tasks that require exact positioning and access to levels of height.

Height Reach

Because of its ability articulate both vertically and horizontally to great heights, these lifts offer a terrific reach to allow workers to get the tasks done safely at varying levels of height. The smaller models have a 30 ft reach up to a 100 ft crawler boom for work that needs to be done at extreme heights! Depending on the model you need, most lifts have the capacity to lift 1-2 workers, materials, and tools to perform the necessary tasks.

articulating boom lift maintenance


An important aspect of the articulating boom lift is its stability. These lifts come with a variety of stability features such as outriggers, counterweights, and sensors. The outriggers provide stability by extending outward from the base of the lift, counterweights balance the weight distribution, and sensor monitor the lift's inclinication to alert the operator to any risks.


Because the articulating boom lift has the ability to navigate around obstacles and work in small spaces, jobsite productivity is improved. The articulating boom lift can extend both vertically and horizontally, providing increased reach and coverage which reduces the need for respositioning. The boom lift is a great solution for maintenance, construction, and even emergency responses, improving overall operations.

Uses of Articulating Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts can of course be used in a variety of work settings and environments, here are just a few of the top examples this machine's uses.


These machines are absolutely invaluable in the role they play in the construction industry, providing a variety of uses that increases both productivity and safety on job sites. In the construction industry, articulating boom lifts are commonly used for hard to reach areas like the upper levels of buildings or larger structural components, reducing the need for scaffolding and other temporary structure. Since many tasks require working at levels of height, safety is the top priority for companies, the articulating boom lift gives these workers a stable and secure platform while working at levels of height. This reduces the risk of falls and accidents.

articulating boom lift construction

Painting and Maintenance

Most painting jobs require the need to reach high walls, ceilings, and other elevated surfaces. Articulating boom lifts eliminated the need for ladders and scaffolding that improves safety by reducing the potential risk of dangerous falls. These lifts are also commonly used for maintenance work, providing workers to inspect, repair or replace equipment in environments where there are levels of height. No matter if its reaching around structures or obstacles, working in confined spaces, or lifting workers, tools, and materials, articulating boom lifts are a great solution for general painting projects and maintenance tasks.

articulating boom lift maintenance

Film Production

The film production relies on articulating boom lifts for a variety of purposes on set, allowing filmmakers to capture dynamic shots and stunning visual effects. They provide an elevated platform to give cinematographers and camera operators a birds eye view of the scene, allow them to capsure sweeping panoramic shots and aerial perspectives. Articulating boom lifts can be employed to position lighting fixtures and rigging equipment at needed heights, creating an effective scene lighting and great visibility for filming. Because of their precision and flexibility, these lifts have been a great addition on film sets; for filmmakers that need to elevate their storytelling to create an amazing visual experience.

articulating boom lift film set

Maintenance Tips for Articulating Boom Lifts

maintenance articulating boom lift

Regular Inspections

To maintain the equipment to the best performance standards, regular inspections need to be made to the equipment. You should begin by examining the entire machine, pay attention to the boom assembly, hydraulic systems, electrical components, and overall structural integrity. Make sure to check for any signs of wear, corrosion, or leaks. Workers should also inspect the hydraulic hoses and cylinders for any potential damage, and test all the safety features including emergency stop switches and overload sensors. Regular inspections and identify any issues quickly to allow for repairs to keep the articulating boom working to the highest standards and keeping employees safe.


Regular lubrication to the machine helps to reduce friction, wear and tear, and prevent any mchanical problems. When providing lubrication it's important to follow the manufacture's guidelines. Begin by identifying the exact lubrication points on the lift, such as the pivotal joints, hinge points, and telescopic sections. Use high-qualty lubricant's that are made specifically for the lift's components. We recommend you establish a lubrication schedule so all points are adequately greased on a regular basis. NOTE: Remember to clean the surfaces before lubrcating and also avoid any over-greasing that may attract dirt and debris. With the right lubrication schedule you will be able to maintain the lifespan of the articulating boom lift.

Proper Storage

When it comes to articulating boom lifts, there are a few key tips for maintaining these machines, the first is to keep the lift clean and free from any dirt before storage. This includes washing the lift and removing any resident that may have accumulated on the job site during operation. Secondly, store the boom lift in a dry and sheltered area, preferably indoors. You should also consider covering the lift with a tarp or protective covering to give an extra layer of protection against dust and moisture. Finally, remember to follow the manufacturer's guidelines for an specific storage requirements, these tips will help you maintain the lifespan of the articulating boom lift.

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