Taking Filmmaking to New Heights with JLG Equipment

When it comes to the equipment used to film a a movie fanatics favorite movie, most don't know about the equipmen that was used.  Behind the scenes, boom lifts and telehandlers play a vital role in the filmmaking industry!

The JLG mechanical equipment gives producers the ability to capture breathtaking shots from a wide variety of angles, maximizing their creativity to new heights, quite literally.

jlg equipment and films

The entertainment industry relies on JLG Industries' equipment to provide access equipment that sets the stage for a great filming experience and performance.  Whether that's in a massive outdoor area, a busy movie set, or whimsical theme park, JLG's MEWPs (mobile elevating work platforms) and telehandlers make sure that the show will go on.

Let's dive in to the variety of ways JLG equipment takes the stage and supports the needs of set lighting techs and studio grips in the movie industry.


Boom lifts provide both horizontal and vertical movement, giving camera operators the ability to position equipment with precision.  This is better than simply building static platforms for filming, boom lifts provide dynamic flexibility and ease of movement to get the right angle or shot.

As an example, an action scene filmed over the shoulder of a hero or heroine can easily pan out to a much higher angle with the use of a boom lift.

Using a boom like is almost like having a cinematic magic want, it gives filmmakers the ability to explore vertical direction, even downward, making sure that the camera capture every action-packed moment.


How does aerial filming work?

Enter the camera mount!  The boom lift, adapted for filming at height, becomes the filmmakers key sidekick.  Securing the best shots involves a collaboration between the camera operators and the boom operator.  They coordinate the boom's location and angle according o the scene, positioning the camera precisely to achieve the perfect shot.  It's a fine balance between artistry and technical expertise.  


Among JLG's telehandlers, the SkyTrak® Telehandler stands tall.  With a straight-line mast and telescoping boom, it provides the vertical reach required for overhead shots.  It also has an amazing horizontal reach that gives filmmakers the ability to access distant angle, capturing breathtaking views and dynamic sequences.

SkyTrak telehandlers have also been re-designed to deliver more comfort for the operator, including a single joystick for greater multifunction capability, an integrated arm rest and air conditioning for increased comfort.

The Tier 4 Final engines are fuel efficient with less environmental impact.  Engine parts are easily accessible for faster maintenance and less down time on the set.  All Access Services has over 100,000 parts available.


Telehandlers and MEWPs play an important role in the film industry, here's how!


Telehandlers and mobile elevating work platforms play a crucial role in the film industry. Here’s how:

Set construction: JLG’s telehandlers lift heavy materials, such as lighting rigs, props, and set pieces easily. They can extend to heights of up to 75 feet, allowing crew members to assemble elaborate sets quickly and easily.

Lighting and rigging: Telehandlers assist in positioning lighting equipment and rigging structures. Their precision and reach make sure that every spotlight hits the mark, creating the perfect ambiance for scenes.

Scenic shots: Need a sweeping panoramic shot? Boom lifts elevate camera operators to capture breathtaking views. Whether it’s a sprawling landscape or an urban skyline, these machines provide the elevation required for cinematic magic.

Transporting equipment: From cameras to sound equipment, telehandlers transport essential gear across the set. Their stability and lifting capacity make them ideal for moving delicate and expensive equipment safely.

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