Efficiency Unlocked: How Telehandlers Improve Concrete Operations

For concrete operations, efficiency is a necessity.

One piece of equipment that has changed the construction industry is the telehandler, a telescopic material handler.  Along with JLG® Industries, All Access Services stands at the forefront for providing productive solutions for the concrete industry.  Having the right telehandler for the job is vital.

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With 20+ models of JLG and Skytrak® telehandlers in the fleet, companies have a wide range of options.  The full line-up includes compact, high-capacity and rotating telehandlers, along with a variety of attachments available for even more versatility on the jobsite.

Let's dive into some of the essential tips to improve concrete operators using a telehandler.

5 Essential Tips

Precise Placement

Concrete operations require precision, which is why telehandlers play an important role in achieving it. With robust maneuverability and telescopic capabilities, JLG telehandlers give operators the ability to reach heights and distances that other equipment can't.

The All Access range of telehandlers are designed with features that maximize precision.  Telescopic booms and the a variety of attachments allow for accurate positioning of concrete buckets or pumps.  This both reduces the margin of error while minimizing the need for manual labor, saving time and resources.

Along with this, rotating telehandlers allow end users to replace a crane and give them the ability to reach up to 97 ft with a detailed load chart.  Rotating telehandlers can place 4,400 pounds at a 97 foot reach can be a game changer on any jobsite.  Rotating telehandlers also improve efficiency in any work environment by reducing travel on jobs.  Operators can set outriggers, rotate to unload a truck, then rotate to place the load without moving.  With a traditional telehander, the operator would need to pick up the load, back up, then turn around to face the building before extending the load.  

Compact telehandlers allow contractors and operators to work in tight spaces and increase the precision through maneuverability with tight turning radiuses and a compact design. 

Increased Reach

Dynamic environments and jobsite setttings call for versatile applications, increased reach is a must.

Traditional telehandlers have had a maximum reach from 34 - 56 feet, All Access now has the telehandlers capable of reaching up to 75 feet.  This is beneficial when it comes to precise concrete placement in a challenging location. 

There are a range of attachments that telehandlers can be equipped with, making them adaptable to various concrete-related tasks.

As an example, a telehandler's ability to extend its reach with a telescopic boom allows for pouring concrete into difficult to reach places, no matter if it's a high-rise construction project or a confined space.  All Access telehandlers are designed to be compatible with concrete buckets, forks, grapples, and other attachments, making sure that your telehandler is a multi-functional asset for your concrete project.

Optimized Material Handling

Efficient material handling is the key to a successful concrete operation.  All Access telehandlers are equipped with strong lifting capabilities.  This not only accelerates the construction process while minimizing the risk of accidents and material damage.

Telehandlers are designed for maximum stability and control, giving operators the ability to lift heavy loads with confidence.  Features include precision control and load management systems contribue to improved material handling, making sure that your concrete operations run smoothly and without disruptions.

Increased Efficiency with Operator Training

While having advanced equipment is vital, the proficiency of the operator is just as important.  The team at All Access recognizes the importance of operator training and provides comprehensive training programs to make sure that your team can utilize the full potential of their telehandlers.

By investing in operator training, you not only increase the safety of your construction site but also increase the efficiency of your concrete operation.  The training program at All Access covers the ins and outs of telehandler operation, maintenance, and safety protocols. A trained operator can make a massive difference in terms of productivity and minimizing potential errors.

Monitor and Maintenance

In today's world, technology plays an ever increasing role in optimizing construction operations. All new All Access telehandlers come equipped with ClearSky Smart Fleet™, and loT (Internet of Things) technology to provide insights and new ways to run cost-effective operations with a focus on efficiency.

This technology allows users to wirelessly connect to equipment to monitor a machine's fuel and battery level at a glance, perform diagnostics without moving a step using the apps built-in analyzer feature.  This gives stronger insight about use, uptime, maintenance history and more.

All Access telehandlers offer cabs designed for operator comfort and visibility, along with a Tier 4 Final engine for fuel efficiency with less environmental impact.  Engine parts and other serviceable components are easily accessible so you have more time on the job and less on maintenance.

Valuable Solutions for Concrete Operations

All Access Services offers a valuable solution for improving concrete operations by focusing on precision, increased reach, optimized material handling, operator training, and technology integration.  Construction teams can increase their efficiency and achieve success with concrete projects.

As you begin on your next concrete project, consider the impact that an All Access telehandler can provide.  The combination of advanced technology and practical features positions All Access as a trusted partner in the pursuit of precision and excellence in the construction industry.

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