Servicing Your Equipment: The Importance Of Preventive Maintenance

When it is time for many people to think about preventive maintenance on their heavy equipment, they think of it as a burden and a waste of time and money. If you think of preventive maintenance in the same way, we want you to know that is the wrong way to think about it. Usually, this attitude usually occurs because someone is unfamiliar with dealing with heavy machinery and construction equipment.

Those who are familiar with heavy equipment understand the damage that can take place when equipment is neglected. Also, those who are familiar with construction equipment also understand that taking the right preventive maintenance measures can significantly benefit the machines currently and in the future.

Preventive maintenance is an important investment in productivity and efficiency. Not only is preventive maintenance an important investment, it is also a smart investment. Once you take the time to look at preventive maintenance this way, you will start to take better actions when it comes to caring for your equipment and making sure you keep up with the maintenance schedule that has been set by the manufacturer.

A strong preventive maintenance strategy is more than performing regular service. A complete preventive maintenance strategy will include the right planning and the right care. Some of the important areas of preventive measures you should remember as followed:

Training your employees to properly use the machines and other technology

Making sure your employees understand the limitations of each machine

Making sure only the proper parties are inspecting, cleaning and servicing the equipment

Using the right equipment for each application

Taking care of repairs as soon as they are needed

Having the right sized fleet for your business’s current needs
When you make the decision to buy or rent heavy equipment, you should make sure the heavy equipment is equipped with a telematics system. A telematics system is a great way to make sure preventive maintenance is not as bothersome or frustrating as it once was for you.

When you rent equipment from All-Access Services, our mechanics will visit your equipment every 30 days to make sure it is operating according to our standards.

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