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Equipment Rental Options

Industrial equipment rentals come in different flavors and types. However, there are a few types of machines that are most common. These equipment rentals are used for construction and renovations, for logistics and manufacturing, for public sector use and many other purposes.


The two main types of forklifts are industrial and reach. Industrial forklifts are for moving extremely heavy objects from one place to another. Virtually every warehouse has an industrial forklift and logistics companies all either own or rent these devices as well. A reach forklift is the same concept except it can be raised above one story high. These are also used in warehouses but may be used at construction sites to lift heavy objects onto the second floor of a building.

Scissor and Boom Lifts

These type of lifts raise an individual up and down so that they can do construction or renovation work on higher locations. The scissor lifts allow them to carry more materials with them while the boom lift generally only fits one person by themselves. These machines are also somewhat like mobile elevators when stairs or permanent elevators have not yet been installed at a work site.

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