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Our Truck Drivers Meet Your High Safety Standards

When you are in the middle of a construction project, you need to know that the truck drivers bringing the rented equipment will be there as scheduled. All Access Rental takes this a step further. We understand that punctuality is important, but we want everyone to be as safe as possible on the road and during pick up or drop off.

Our drivers are chosen for their excellent skills and driving record. They go through an extensive training program to ensure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to get your equipment from point A to point B, safely, and on time. They receive training from experienced, licensed professionals who understand the business. Then, our drivers are re-evaluated every year to maintain a high safety record.

On-site safety is important to our business. Not only do we provide knowledgeable, dependable drivers and a large variety of heavy equipment, but we also offer an extensive training and safety program for every unit we rent. Our drivers are trained to be to use each piece of equipment. This makes them more safety conscious when loading and unloading these boom lifts, skid steers and reach forks. This makes the job easier for everyone involved.

We even offer our safety classes to you and your crew. This allows you to become familiar with the equipment you will be using. Having a crew that understands the equipment from front to back helps to reduce on-site accidents and personal injury. Our classes meet industry standards for safety and provide that extra layer of security necessary for high stress work environments.

Contact All Access Rental to schedule your delivery and our drivers will be on-site with the equipment you need when you need it.

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