Boom Lift Frequently Asked Questions

boom lift rentalHere are just of a few of the many questions we receive regarding Boom Lifts.  Should you like more information or rent a boom lift please contact us!

How Does All Access Equpment Handle Extensions?

Making any changes to your rental including extensions, adding additional equipment or off-renting early is as easy as calling to speak to a DOZR Sales Team member. The DOZR Team is here to support you throughout the duration of your rental. Feel free to reach out to us or visit the DOZR Resources to find the answers to your rental questions.

What Makes Renting from All Access Equipment Different?

Renting with All Access gives you full access to a variety of brands, rental companies and prices in one place. Enjoy the ease of reserving equipment with our friendly staff as well as transparency in pricing and the simplicity of a single account for every single piece of machine you'll ever need.

What are Boom Lifts Used for?

Boom lifts are used to lift people and materials up into the air. Depending on the boom type – straight or articulating – it can also be used to maneuver obstacles and around corners. A boom lift is mainly used to reach out and over as opposed to a scissor lift which is mainly used to lift up.

What Size Boom Lift Do I Need?

Boom lifts are categorized by platform height and boom type. The “size” of boom lift will be determined by how high a platform should reach and whether a straight or articulating boom is a better fit for the job site.

How do Boom Lifts get their name?

Originally called a Giraffe and then a cherry picker, the term “boom lift” is derived from the resemblance of the machine to an arm on the human body. A “boom” is a term used to describe a variety of long beams that extend outwards or at an angle. A “boom” is a beam on a sailboat’s mast as well as a term used to describe a movable arm on a tv or movie set that carries a microphone or camera. The term for both TV and for the boom lift most likely comes from the sailboat origin. That term was established in the mid 16th century. The function of a moving and rotating beam or arm most likely transferred from sailing ships to everything else. The first use of a boom mic is noted on the site of Beggars of life in 1928. Since the boom lift was invented after this, the progression from sailboat boom to boom mic to a boom lift can only be assumed.

How Can I Rent a Boom Lift For?

Boom lifts can be rented for daily rentals all the way up to months or multiple months. Basically, boom lifts can be rented or as long as you need one for.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Boom Lift?

The price to rent a boom lift varies depending on the supplier of the rental, where you request the rental equipment and the length of the rental. Use the DOZR search platform to view all price options in one place and with one search. Or give our sales team a call to get some help finding the best boom lift for your project!