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40' Scissor Lift Rental

rent 40 foot scissor lift

Scissor Lift Quick Features

Narrow 45 in. Width - One of the narrowest widths in its class allows for use in warehouse and distribution center aisles.  

Simplified, Reliable Design - Simple pothole protection system has fewer moving parts to reduce service calls.  

Built Rugged for Rental - An all-steel platform and steel component trays allow it to meet the demands of the toughest job sites.  


Product Overview

  • MODEL: R4045

Product Features

  • PLATFORM SIZE: 96 "L  X 5' 9" W
  • DIMENSIONS: 96" L  X 5' 9" W
  • STOWED HEIGHT: 4' 7"

More About the 40 ft Scissor Lift

The 40' scissor lift is a versatile piece of equipment used in construction, industrial, and maintenance applications. This scissor lift model can reach a height of 40 feet, providing access to high areas that would otherwise be difficult to reach. It has a large platform that can hold multiple workers and equipment, making it ideal for tasks that require more than one person. The 40' scissor lift is also designed to be used both indoors and outdoors, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of projects.

One of the key features of the 40' scissor lift is its easy-to-use controls. The operator can maneuver the lift using a simple joystick, making it easy to navigate in tight spaces. The lift also features a reliable hydraulic system that allows for smooth and precise movements. Additionally, the lift has an automatic leveling system that ensures the platform remains stable even on uneven surfaces.

The 40' scissor lift is also designed with safety in mind. It comes equipped with a range of safety features, including guardrails, emergency stop buttons, and an overload protection system. The lift is also designed to be easy to maintain, with simple access to all major components. Overall, the 40' scissor lift is a reliable and versatile piece of equipment that is ideal for a wide range of projects.

40 foot scissor lift rental

40' Scissor Lift Popular Industries

:  In the construction industry, the 40' scissor lift is great for tasks including framing, roofing, and installing windows. Its ability to reach high areas and support heavy loads makes it a popular machine for construction projects.

Maintenance:  For maintenance tasks in commercial and industrial settings, the 40' scissor lift provides a safe and efficient way to access high areas. Whether you're changing light fixtures, cleaning windows, or performing repairs, this lift makes sure that you can complete your work easily.

Events and Installations:  Setting up for events often requires reaching high areas for lighting, decorations, and equipment installation. The 40' scissor lift's height and stability make it perfect for event setups, making sure that everything is placed correctly and safely.

Warehousing:  In warehouse environments, the 40' scissor lift facilitates tasks for inventory management, shelving, and equipment maintenance. Its ability to move tight spaces and reach high shelves makes it a valuable asset for warehouse operations.

Features of the JLG 45' Scissor Lift

Height and Reach
:  The 40' scissor lift offers a working height of 40 feet, making it great for tasks that require elevated access. Whether you're working on construction projects, maintenance, or installations, this lift provides the reach you need to get the job done.

Load Capacity:  One of the standout features of the 40' scissor lift is its load capacity. With the ability to support substantial weight, this lift can accommodate multiple workers and their tools, making sure that you can complete tasks without constant trips up and down.

Safety Features:  Safety is a top priority when working at heights, and the 40' scissor lift doesn't disappoint. Equipped with advanced safety features such as automatic platform leveling, emergency stop buttons, and guardrails, this lift makes sure that operators can work with confidence and security.

Versatility in Terrain:  Whether you're working indoors or outdoors, on smooth surfaces or rough terrain, the 40' scissor lift is designed to perform. Its powerful tires and sturdy construction allow it to move through various environments, providing flexibility and reliability on any job site.

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