Controller, Joystick Mech Hobb


Item Number: 91363025
Shipping Dimensions:
Length: 12.2 Width: 5.4 Height: 5.8 Weight: 1.3
Unit of Measure: EA
Shipping Type: Parcel

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Due to the repetitive movements while raising and lowering booms, telehandler Controller/Joystick mechanisms are parts that need to be checked and serviced regularly and should be replaced if there are any questions about functionality. Luckily, they’re not very expensive and easy to install.

A properly functioning controller/joystick mechanism is one of the most important parts for ensuring an operator has full control over their load. Faulty joysticks could lead to spilled loads, which will certainly cost money, and could even cause personal injury. Operator comfort is also important, and simple wear and tear on the joystick can be enough for a telehandler operator to want to replace it.

The JLG Controller/Joystick Mech Hobb is pretty much an extension of the telehandler operator’s own limbs, and if yours isn’t working perfectly, it’s time for a replacement.

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