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JLG 1055/1255 1000HR Service Filter Kit

JLG 1055/1255 1000HR Service Filter Kit

Item Number: 1001199740
Shipping Dimensions:
Length: 18 Width: 12 Height: 12 Weight: 12
Unit of Measure: EA
Shipping Type: Parcel

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JLG 1055/1255 1000HR Service Filter Kit

Like any heavy machinery, JLG 1055 and 1255 telehandlers require clean filters to run at their best. The JLG 1000HR Service Filter Kit is a group of parts that JLG telehandler users should replace when their machine reaches the 1000 hour mark.

The kit includes an Engine Oil Filter, a Primary Fuel Filter, a Secondary Fuel Filter,a Primary Air Filter, a Safety Air Filter, a Hydraulic Filter, a Hydraulic Breather, and a Transmission Filter.

Engine Oil Filter

This filter is essential for preventing damage to the engine of your JLG telehandler. The longer your oil stays clean, the longer your machine operates at its highest potential.

Primary/Secondary Fuel Filters

These filters prevent particles from getting into your fuel before the fuel reaches the engine. No one wants dirty fuel going into their engine!

Air Filters

Air entering a telehandler engine also has to be clean. That’s what these are for.

Hydraulic Filter

Hydraulic oil is what keeps booms lubricated, and the hydraulic oil filter is an easy-to-replace paper cartridge/channel system that purifies hydraulic oil.

Hydraulic Breather

Telehandler hydraulic breathers are used to prevent cavitation in the hydraulic tank after hydraulic fuel is lost. In other words, the breather (as the name would suggest) is used to “breathe” air into the hydraulic tank to maintain the pressure whenever fluid levels drop.

Transmission Filter

Given their unique geartrains (in comparison to cars and trucks),transmission filters are the last line of defense for keeping impurities and moisture out of the gearboxes and drivetrains in telehandlers.

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