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New and Used JLG Straight Boom Lifts for Sale

Is your business or organization looking to purchase a new or used JLG Straight Boom Lift? Here at All Access Services, we carry a wide inventory of new and used JLG straight boom lifts, all maintained to the highest industry standards. Straight boom lifts are most common for outdoor construction and contractor jobs and are a popular favorite on construction sites throughout the country. Straight boom lifts work like "Telescopes", they reach straight out from the boom hoist, which is attached to the chassis. We do carry models that can reach 185 feet but most models on average the organizations prefer is the 150 foot straight boom lift. Please contact us today and a representative can provide you more information on inventory and provide a quote!

We Carry a Wide Variety of New and Used Straight Boom Lifts

Buy New or Used JLG Boom Lifts

40 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
40 foot boom lift for sale

46 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
46 foot boom lift for sale

60 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
60 foot boom lift for sale
66 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
66 foot boom lift for sale

86 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
86 foot boom lift for sale

135 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
135 foot boom lift for sale
150 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
150 foot boom lift for sale

185 Ft Boom Lift w/Jib
185 foot boom lift for sale

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