Rent or Buy Construction Equipment

Organizations that have warehouses or are starting larger construction on jobsites often wonder if they should rent heavy equipment or purchase heavy equipment? Thankfully you have a few choices on how you obtain the equipment you need. Though it can be challenging, All Access Services is here to help, we provide BOTH equipment for rent and heavy equipment for sale. Our friendly representatives can help you make the decision as well.

The Benefits of Renting Heavy Equipment

As we are surely you are aware, it depends on your needs. If you plan on only using the machine 1 time or maybe a handful of times, then it makes sense to rent. Basically, renting heavy equipment is best when you have a short-term project or need.

Another primary reason for renting equipment is if you are not able to keep the equipment up to the latest equipment safety standards, or if repairs are needed, then it can be difficult to find a qualified mechanic to fix the issue. Storage also plays a huge factor in renting, the pieces of heavy equipment we carry are larger pieces so storing them as needed can be difficult. Especially if you only need the equipment for a short-term basis.

The Benefits of Buying Heavy Equipment

Likewise, if you intend to purchase heavy equipment knowing that you will be using it for the long-haul and quite often is a reason to purchase. When you rent heavy equipment the fees can add up fairly quickly and it comes down to numbers, based on the amount of times you plan on using the equipment as a rental compared to purchasing the equipment outright.

While renting equipment is available at a moment’s notice, purchasing equipment may be better suited for your needs so that you have immediate access to the equipment when needed.

Whether you are looking to rent or buy, please call All Access Services! We carry a large fleet of heavy equipment for rent or to buy. And if you choose to buy we also have options for new and used equipment. Our staff can evaluate your needs and help you come to the decision that will be right for you.

We carry a wide selection of equipment rentals such as:

Scissor Lift Rentals
Telehandler Rentals
Straight Boom Lift Rentals
Knuckle Boom Lift Rentals
and Fork Attachment Rentals

All equipment is maintained to the highest industry standards and available for rent as soon as you need it. We can provide delivery and pick up services to your location to take the stress out of having to move the equipment where needed.

We also carry a wide selection of equipment for sale including

Scissor Lifts for Sale
Telehandlers for Sale
Straight Boom Lifts for Sale
Knuckle Boom Lifts for Sale

No matter what your need whether rent or buy, All Access Services has become the premier provider of heavy equipment for organizations of all sizes.