JLG’S 1075 High-Reach Telehandler Advantages

Telehandlers rated at a lift height of 44 ft and above are classified as high-reach models. These telehandlers are quite different from the high-capacity models which are known for maximum lift capabilities for pick-and-carry applications.

jlg 1075 high reach telehandler advantages

The JLG® 1075 telehandler models are pick-and-place equipment that delivers job site materials to higher levels such as upper floors of buildings.  Examples include getting drywall, windows, or lumber up to the 7th or 8th stories of buildings.  This also can include bringing roofing materials or HVAC systems onto rooftops. 

In past cases, cranes are used for this job site work because they were the only equipment that could get materials higher than the 5th floor of a building.

With today's JLG high-reach models, such as the 1075 telehander, with a maximum lifting capacity of 10,000 lbs, operators of these machines can now do that lifting with telehandlers as opposed to cranes.  

The 1075 high-reach telehandler increases the lift height of telehandlers by 25% or more, and reduces the need for larger and costlier equipment such as a crane.

There is more to the 1075 telehandler than its high-lift capabilities, here are 4 advantages this piece of equipment provides.

4 Advantages this Machine Offers


If a job site has limited space that requires the use of other equipment, JLG's 1075 provides maneuverability on job sites.  This machine weighs 43,000 lbs and is designed with a shorter wheelbase (under 25 ft), which allows this euqipment to get into tight access areas.  Along with this, it has a13 ft 4' outside turning radius, which is 2-3 feet less than other telehandler models, allowing it to get in and out of confined spaces.  The JLG 1075 is a rough terrain machine, allowing it to work in and round dirt and mud on underveloped job sites.  Becase of its 45,000 lb weight, it can be moved from site to site on a standard tractor-trailer with no special permits required.

Place Materials at Height

This special telehandler model can place materials and equipment at levels of height the same, or with even more precision that othe types of machines when equipped with remote boom control.  The remote boom control is an add-on feature that allows operatores to work outside the cab for better load visibility, giving operators the ability to choose smaller, less expensive machines than using a crane to get the required work done.  

Jobsite Junk Removal

Beyond its lifting capabilities, the 1075 telehandler can be used to haul away materials and trash away from the work area. For example, on renovation or demolition projects, anything that is torn out or demolished needs to be taken away from the premises.  When equipped with a bucket attacment, operators can fill up the bucket with construction debris, bring the load down, leave the job site and dump it, then return back for more.  This machine increases the job site clean up tasks without requiring additional specialized machinery.

Added Reach Capabilities

Another key factor of the 1075 telehandler is the added reach capabilities.  High-reach telehanders not only lift higher, but can extend further to get materials into the interior of buildings when needed.  This capabilities allows the 1075 to achieve exact placement further into the building or construction project.  

This machine has a 60 ft forward reach, making the 1075 telehandler the perfect machine (when attached with a sheet material handler attachment), can unload materials form a truck and move it to the work area, then deliver it inside the structure or at height in the exact position where employees are ready to unload t and get it to work.  Ultimately, this reduces manual labor in work zones along with material re-handling, which can significantly improve job site productivity.

Placing loads adjacent to work sites eliminates the need for secondary handling, increasing job site efficiency.

JLG developed the high-reaching 1075 telehandler so organizations can improve job site productivity and reduce the need for material re-handling at levels of height.

The 75 ft boom can lift up to 8 stories, more than 2 stories higher than other competitive models, and with a 60 ft forward reach, doubles the reach of a telehandler with a 55 ft boom.

This machine also has a 30 ft of "up-and-over" reach, allowing operatores to precisely place loads in work zones that can be difficult o maneuever around at height.  Such as over roof edges or when access is limited to one side of a structure.

jlg 1075 high reach telehandler

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