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There continues to be a growing demand in specialty industries such as mining, wind farms, industrial construction, log handling, and waste recycling for much larger and more powerful telehandlers to pick and carry heavy loads on job sites.

3 benefits high capacity telehandlers

There has been an increasing demand in the energy sector, for example, that has led the need for more versatile machines that can handle heavier loads across uneven or rough terrains.

High-capacity telehandlers are commonly used on large construction sites, especiallly on bridge building projects and high-rise projects where crews are faced with "building up" as opposed to "building out".

In the past, high capacity telehandlers maxed out at 12,000 lb lifting capacity, but in today's modern world, the industry is seeing models with capacities ranging from 14,000 to 45,000 pounds.  JLG has designed and provides 3 high-capacity models for these demands:

JLG1644 with a maximum lift capacity of 15,650-lb (7,098.72 kg)
JLG 1732 with a maximum lift capacity of 16,755-lb (7,599.94 kg)
JLG 2733 with a maximum lift capacity of 26,600-lb (12,065.56 kg)

Three major benefits of high-capacity telehandlers are that they get more work done in less time, they offer outstanding versatility and can be equipped with a variety of attachments for use across multiple applications.

3 High-Capacity Telehandler Benefits

Get more done

High-capacity telehandlers save time, money and labor on the job site by allowing operators to accomplish multiple tasks with one machine. With a higher lift capacity and increased versatility, cuts down on the time it takes to complete work.

Example: A 16,000-lb capacity unit can lift 33% more than a 12,000-lb capacity model. That means that the larger machine’s operator can move more material faster and move on to the next job sooner than the smaller model would allow.

Outstanding Versatility

High-capacity telehandlers are a great option because of their versatility for unloading materials from trucks, but also delivering them around the job site.  They also maintain larger, heavier equipment because of their maneuverability, speed, and forward reach. The key advantages of high-capacity telehandlers versus traditional equipement are "Versatility.  Compact Footprint. Travel Speed."

Equipped to Work

Attachments are one of the main factors that contribute to a high-capacity telehandler’s increased productivity over other machines. While a standard fork and carriage is by far the most popular telehandler attachment, there are many other application-specific attachments available. For example, attachment options for JLG® high-capacity telehandlers include…

Bale Clamp
Bale Cradle
Dual Fork Positioning Carriage
Pallet Forks
Side-Shift Carriage with Dual Fork Positioning
Standard Carriage Forks
Log Handler
Pipe Grapple
Coupler Mounted Hook
Material Handling Arm
General Purpose Bucket
Grapple Bucket
Light Material Bucket
Multi-Purpose 4-in-1 Bucket
Coupler Mounted Winch
Steel Coil Handler

As specialty industries grow and develop, so will the demand for high-capacity telehandlers that can complete heavy lifting safely and efficiently, while offering a greater return on investment.

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