One of the most popular pieces of heavy equipment in our fleet requested on Downtown San Diego jobsites, are our telehandlers available for rent. Also referred to as a telescopic handler, this versatile piece of equipment combines both the strength of a forklift and reach of a crane to help you lift heavy loads of materials and products as needed. They also come with interchangeable attachment heads that offers more reach and power compared to a forklift. These pieces of equipment also have amazing maneuverability providing a balance between reach, power and usability for operators and workers.

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Rent a Telehandler for Downtown San Diego Jobsite

There are a variety of reasons telehandlers are requested on jobsites including:

On-Road and Off-Road Capabilities

WIth 4-wheel drive capabilities, this makes the machine have the ability to perform on and off-roads. Telehandlers can move on the roughest terrain while also being able to perform on roads easily. This is even more so on Downtown San Diego construction sites that often have flat surfaces and narrow entrances and roads in which to operate.

High-Load Capacity and Flexibility

Telehandlers are popular because they can lift several tons worth of product or materials which make them far stronger than a forklift or cherry picker. Moving heavy loads to great heights and lengths can help keep jobsite efficiency moving properly and keep the timelines in in check.

Loading Height and Reach

Telehandlers have the ability lift heavy loads to normally unreachable heights, this is why they play an integral role on construction sites throughout Downtown San Diego. Some of our telehandlers available for rent can reach up to 20 metes in length and effectively transport material to heights that otherwise operators and employees wouldn't be able to reach.

A telehandlers primary role is to lift materials on jobsites and the ability to adapt to a variety of tasks such as pallet lifting, staging initial materials, or moving materials on a job site. Please contact All Access Services today, we have built a reputation for providing the highest quality Downtown San Diego telehandlers for rent. We also carry Downtown San Diego scissor lifts available for rent!

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Downtown San Diego Telehandler Sizes Available

5,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

7,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
8,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
9,000 pound telehandler for Rent
10,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
12,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
17,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

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