All Access caries a wide selection of heavy equipment for sale, including the 40 ft Knuckle Boom E400AN series which heavy equipment operators and organizations have come to love. The staff at All Access Services can answer any questions you have and help you make sure that you are buying the correct knuckle boom lift size for your needs

Outdoor jobs can be very tricky, 40 foot knuckle boom lifts are the perfect piece of equipment for outdoor job tasks. Whether its for tree trimming, painting, or general construction of any sort, the 40 foot electric knuckle boom lift is great.

Key Description of the JLG 40 foot Knuckle Boom for Sale

Accessibility – up and over access, optional jib.
Maneuverability – move over uneven surfaces with Automatic Traction Control.
Productivity – work longer with longer duty cycles.
Environmentally friendly – zero emissions.
Also available - E400AN model. .