If your Mission Valley job site or warehouse needs a telehandler for heavy lift of product or materials, All Access has become one of the premier providers of telehandlers for rent in the Mission Valley and overall San Diego County area. With a wide inventory of various sized telehandlers, our mechanics meticulously maintain the equipment to the latest safety and industry standards. Our machines operate efficiently creating less down time on the job side due to machine issues.

Our telehandlers are available in 2 brands, JLG® telehandlers and SkyTrak® telehandlers. These telehandlers can reach the greatest heights of performance on the jobsite. Telehandlers can be used both indoors and outdoors and even in the most demanding terrains. These are the machines suited for jobs where heavy lifting productivity is critical.

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Telehandler Rental Quick Features

Enhanced Operator Comfort - Spacious cab, intuitive single joystick and integrated arm rest.
Maximum Serviceability - Extended service intervals, durable compnents and less overall maintenance
Operator Confidence - Better visibility, Stabil-Track rear axle stabilization precision, reverse sensing system
74 hp engine doesn't require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) & meets Tier 4 Final Regulations

All Access Telehandler Sizes Available

5,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

7,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
8,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
9,000 pound telehandler for Rent
10,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
12,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
17,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

Popular Blogs

7 Benefits of Telehandlers

Telehandlers are an extremely versatile machine with the ability lift loads of materials or products from 5,000 pounds up to 17,000 pounds, making them a popular piece of equipment in the construction, warehouse, agriculture, and material handling industries. Because of their ability to lift heavy loads and with different attachments available, they can be used in a variety of job site includings.

Choosing the Right Equipment for Construction Sites

When determining the types of equipment that wil be suitable for construction projects, it can be difficult to sort out with the wide variety of machines available. With so many different models, attachments and specifications, its hard to determine which is the best for your jobsite tasks at hand. Moreover, with the intense deadlines that come with consruction jobs, contractors of all industries can get so busy they assume the machines they need are already on site and will work just fine. This is not always the case.

Key Applications

Telehandlers and Construction

Telehandlers are vital equipment on construction sites because of their versatility and efficiency. These powerful machines combine the functions of a forklift, crane, and work platform, making them the perfect machine for lifting and moving heavy loads. Equipped with extendable booms, telehandlers can reach considerable heights and distances, allowing workers to move materials to elevated or hard-to-reach areas. This capability reduces the need for additional equipment and minimizes manual labor, increasing productivity and safety on site. Telehandlers can be fitted with various attachments, including buckets, winches, and pallet forks, to adapt to diverse tasks, making them a cost-effective solution for Mission Valley construction projects.

Telehandlers and Warehouses

Telehandlers are commonly used in Mission Valley warehouses because of their ability to lift, move, and place heavy loads easily. Their extendable boom allows them to reach high shelves and tight spaces, making these machines great for managing inventory in large and complex warehouse environments. Telehandlers also can come equipped with various attachments like forks, buckets, and grapples, maximizing their functionality beyond traditional forklifts. This adaptability not only increases efficiency but also reduces the need for multiple types of equipment.

All Access Equipment Rentals

Serving construction projects throughout Southern California with heavy equipment rentals, we have 3 locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside to serve our clients. Each location carries a fleet of scissor liftstelehandlersboom lifts, and forklifts available for rent at affordable rates. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry and hope to earn your trust and business!

To rent a telehandler please fill out our online quote form or give us a call at the number below!


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