Business of all industries, shapes, and sizes throughout the Palm Springs area rely on All Access Services for their heavy equipment rental needs.  We carry a fleet of telehandlers available for rent on a short- or long-term basis.  When you rent telehandlers from All Access, you are getting the best maintained equipment that will work at peak performance for job site needs.  Customer service is the core of our business, and our goal is to make sure you have the right equipment for your project.  All Access will deliver the telehandler to your location when you need it, and pick it up when it's no longer in use!

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Understanding Telehandlers

Telehandlers are known for their telescopic boom, which can extend both upward and forward, offering both reach and versatility. They feature a hydraulic lifting mechanism and attachments including forks, buckets, or platforms, allowing these machines to perform a wide range of tasks, from lifting and placing materials to reaching heights for construction or maintenance work.

Common Telehandler Industries


Commonly used across various Palm Springs construction sites, these rugged vehicles have telescopic booms capable of lifting heavy loads to levels of height, facilitating tasks ranging from material handling to aerial work platform operations. With their ability to maneuver through tight spaces and navigate rough terrain, telehandlers have become the key to construction projects, offering unmatched adaptability and productivity.


These multipurpose vehicles excel in a variety of agricultural tasks, from loading and unloading heavy materials such as hay bales and feed to lifting equipment and even assisting in construction projects on the farm. With their ability to reach high elevations and extend over obstacles, telehandlers streamline operations like stacking, transporting, and arranging materials with precision. Their adaptability to various attachments further increases their popularity, allowing farmers to easily transition between tasks including lifting pallets, scooping up silage, or handling specialized agricultural implements.


tTelehandlers increase the movement of goods within warehouses, maximizing space use and increasing productivity. They can come equipped with various attachments including forks, buckets, and platforms, these adaptable machines facilitate the efficient handling of diverse loads, from palletized goods to bulky materials. Their flexibility make them great for tasks like stacking, loading, and transporting items within a warehouse.

Popular Telehandler Sizes We Carry

Telehandlers come in a variety of lifting capacities to match your job site requirements.  Here are a few of the popular scissor lift sizes we carry.

5,000 pound Telehandler
7,000 pound Telehandler
8,000 pound Telehandler
10,000 pound Telehandler
17,000 pound Telehandler
13,200 pound Rotating Telehandler

Full Telehandler Inventory

Benefits of Telehandlers


Their ability to extend vertically and horizontally, matched with their interchangeable attachments, allows them to easily tackle a wide range of tasks. From lifting materials to high rooftops to loading heavy cargo onto trucks, telehandlers excel in maneuvering within tight spaces while maintaining stability and precision. Their adaptability to different terrains and environments increases productivity,, reducing the need for multiple specialized machines.


With the ability to switch between various attachments swiftly, telehandlers streamline operations on construction sites, warehouses, and agricultural settings, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.


Telehandlers come equipped with stability features including outriggers or stabilizers, providing a secure base even on uneven terrain, which minimizes the likelihood of tip-overs. Their versatility in lifting and maneuvering heavy loads reduces the need for manual labor, minimizing the potential for injuries among workers.


Telehandlers streamline operations by combining the functionalities of multiple pieces of equipment into one, reducing the need for additional machinery and consequently cutting down on costs. Their ability to perform various tasks, from lifting and carrying materials to reaching heights, increases efficiency on construction sites or in agricultural settings, saving both time and money.

Trending Telehandler Articles

What is the Right Attachment for a Telehandler Job?

For a wide variety of industries and applications, telehandlers are a popular choice on job sites because of the variety of attachments they come with. The versatility of telehandlers allows operators to perform a wide variety of job tasks. In comparison to forklifts that rely on a vertical mast to move loads, telehandlers have telescoping booms, allowing these machines to deliver materials to heights of 75 ft or higher and carry loads up to 75,000 pounds or more.

Telehandler Trends: Keeping Up with the Latest in Material Handling

In the industries that require material handling, staying ahead of the latest trends is vital for businesses aiming to increase efficiency, improve safety, and boost productivity. Among the variety of equipment used in material handling, telehandlers stand out as versatile machines capable of performing a wide range of tasks across various industries. From construction sites to warehouses, telehandlers play an important role in lifting, moving, and placing heavy loads with precision and ease. As technology continues to evolve, so do telehandlers. Let's take a look into some of the latest trends shaping the telehandler landscape and how they are changing material handling practices.

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