Riverside Rent Warehouse Scissor Lift

JLG Brand Only! With the largest working envelopes in the industry, best reliability in its class,
and a proven safety record, our warehouse scissor lifts will help you get the job done!


Riverside is a hub for organization's with warehouse facilities, it serves as a key geographic territory for moving goods in and out of the Southern California area. There is a vast amount of space available for warehouses both large and small, and with this increasing need of storing and moving goods, Riverside warehouses play a vital role. Logistics is extremely important in today's world and with the moving of goods and materials requires the right equipment to keep business processes moving along as needed, scissor lifts specifically. A majority of Riverside warehouses employ warehouse scissor lifts for their employees to increase efficiency and provide safety on the job.

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If your Riverside organization is looking for a scissor lift to rent for your warehouse facilities, All Access Services is here to help. Renting from All Access provides a cost-effective way for your warehouse or distribution center to move products around the property. Because we provide continuous maintenance on our scissor lifts availabel for rent, this will help your workers safely move heavy items, organize inventory, and make general maintenance repairs easily.

Scissor Lift Sizes Available

Below you will find our various scissor lifts available. If you are unsure what size you will need, you can always call our offices and our friendly staff will answer any questions you have and help you get the scissor lift that will work well for your needs.


13' ft Scissor Lift
13 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift

19' ft Scissor Lift
19 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift
26' ft Scissor Lift
26 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift
32' ft Scissor Lift
32 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift
40' ft Scissor Lift
40 foot riverside warehouse scissor lift



Renting a Scissor Lift from All Access

Companies throughout Riverside trust the equipment provided by All Access Services because they know we provide prompt service, and our equipment is reliable. In case you encounter any issues with our equipment, we have a staff of trained mechanics that will get the fixes done quickly at your location to keep the business moving.

If you need to rent a scissor lift, please reach out to our team! We have a team of representatives that are knowledgeable and able to assist you in deciding which scissor lift is right for your needs. We will provide an affordable scissor lift rental quote and deliver the equipment directly to your location.

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Benefits Scissor Lifts Provide Warehouses

Scissor lifts provide a variety of benefits for warehouses. They are efficient and versatile machines that can greatly improve warehouse operations. Here are just a few benefits of using scissor lifts for warehouse needs:

Vertical Space Utilization

Scissor lifts provide invaluable benefits in improving warehouse operations through their vertical space utilization. The lifting platforms are designed to elevate workers and goods to higher levels, maximizing the available vertical space in a warehouse. By doing so, scissor lift allows businesses to make the most of limited floor area, creating additional storage capacity for goods and equipment. With increased vertical reach, warehouses can store more inventory without the need for costly expansions which leads to cost savings and improved productivity. Scissor lifts also enhance safety by reducing the reliance on ladders and manual handling of heavy items, preventing accidents and injuries.

Increased Productivity

One of the most prominent advantages being the significant increase in productivity these machines bring to the table. Scissor lifts elevate workers to needed heights, allowing workers to access goods and materials easily, streamlining the process of loading and unloading inventory from shelves and racks. By eliminating the need for ladders or manual lifting, scissor lifts increase the overall workflow efficiency. Because scissor lifts are compact in size, they can navigate through narrow aisles and small spaces in a warehouse environment.

Safety Enhancements

Safety enhancement standout as one of the premier advantages scissor lifts bring to warehouses. These machines significantly reduce the risks associated with manual labor, providing a secure and stable workspace for employees to work at elevated heights. Scissor lifts come equipped with safety features that include guardrails, emergency stops, and non-slip surfaces so operators can perform their tasks with confidence and peace of mind. Safety of employees in a warehouse is one of the most important aspects for employees, and scissor lifts promote a safer workplace and preventing the chance of accidents such as falls and collisions.

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