For years telehandlers have been playing an important part on job sites of all sizes, providing individuals and companies the ability to lift heavy materials or products. All Access Services provides San Ysidro organizations with available telehandlers for rent for the various tasks they will need. Our team is ready to provide you a quote as well as coordinate delivery and pick up from your location on the days you will need the telehandler. We a wide selection of telehandlers that will meet your lifting needs, our mechanics work hard to make sure these pieces of aerial equipment are maintained to industry standards for both safety and performance. This will result in less downtime on the jobsite due to the machine not working properly.

Our San Ysidro telehandlers are available in 2 brands, JLG® telehandlers and SkyTrak® telehandlers. These telehandlers can reach the greatest heights of performance on the jobsite. Telehandlers can be used both indoors and outdoors and even in the most demanding terrains. These are the machines suited for jobs where heavy lifting productivity is critical.

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San Ysidro Telehandler Rental Quick Features

Enhanced Operator Comfort- Spacious cab, intuitive single joystick and integrated arm rest.
Maximum Serviceability- Extended service intervals, durable compnents and less overall maintenance
Operator Confidence- Better visibility, Stabil-Track rear axle stabilization precision, reverse sensing system
74 hp engine doesn't require Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) & meets Tier 4 Final Regulations

All Access San Ysidro Telehandler Sizes Available

5,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

7,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
8,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
9,000 pound telehandler for Rent
10,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
12,000 pound Telehandler for Rent
17,000 pound Telehandler for Rent

To rent a telehandler please fill out ouronline quote formor give us a call at the number below!


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