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Located right here in San Diego, All Access Services carries a fleet of both knuckle boom lifts and straight boom lifts available for rent on either a short or long-term basis. We work with companies of all sizes throughout the San Diego region for their boom lift rental needs, that includes construction sites, contractors, warehouses, and general maintenance tasks. The need for the right aerial lift equipment is important in any industry that requires job tasks at levels of height. Boom lifts are specifically designed to carry 1 or more workers, tools, and materials to levels of height up and over obstacles that may be present.

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2 Types of Boom Lifts We Carry

Articulating Boom Lift

The articulating boom, also referred to as a "knuckle boom", is designed with multiple hinged sections giving it flexibility when working at elevated areas. The boom has the ability to articulate or bend at different angles, giving operators the ability to access challenging environments with ease. Any task that requires working at height, no matter if its construction or maintenance, articulating boom lifts provide a safe and efficient solution for allowing workers to navigate job site obstacles.

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Straight Boom Lift

A straight boom lift, also referred to as a "telescopic boom lift" or "cherry picker", is a versatile piece of aerial equipment used in a wide variety of industries such as maintenance, construction, and utilities. It has a straight extendable boom that can reach great heights, larger models up to 185 feet, providing access to hard to reach places. The booms can be raised and lowered vertically, giving operators the ability to maneuver the equipment safely. Straight boom lifts have great stabili yand design, offering improved safety and efficiency in working at levels of height, and are great for both indoor and outdoor environments.

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You have multiple choices for power sources: diesel, gas, electric, and hybrid power. Choose tires, treads, two-wheel or four-wheel drive depending on your terrain. Boom lifts vary in size from nimble folding 30-footers that can squeeze through a doorway to 180-foot monsters that can reach up to the 19th story. Also commonly referred to as a bucket lift rental San Diego.

All Access Lift Features

From 30 foot reach capacity to 100 foot reach capacity, we have the equipment for the job!

Maintenance Program

Our team understands the importance of job site productivity and what equipment downtime can do to both project timelines and worker frustration. This is why our team of skilled mechanics meticulously maintain all of the boom lifts in our fleet. When the equipment is delivered to your site, you can rely on the machine's to perform to the top industry safety and performance requirements. Should you have any issues with the equipment on the site, our team of mechanics will come to your location and fix the problem right away.

Delivery Solutions

When you are ready to have your equipment delivered, you simply set a date that you need it and we will drop it off, as soon as the machine is no longer needed, we will come pick it up. All equipment is available for both short- and long-term rental needs, we understand some projects such as construction need the equipment on-site every day and we have flexible scheduling to make sure the equipment is picked up and dropped off as needed.

Benefits Boom Lifts Provide

Here are three benefits of using boom lifts:

Height and Reach

Boom lifts are designed to provide access to elevated areas that may be difficult to reach otherwise. They offer impressive height capabilities, allowing workers to reach tall structures, rooftops, trees, or high equipment for maintenance, construction, repairs, or installations. Their extendable arms or booms can reach significant heights, providing access to different levels without the need for scaffolding or ladders, improving efficiency and safety in various tasks.

Versatility and Maneuverability

These lifts come in various types, including telescopic booms, articulating booms, and towable boom lifts. This variety allows them to cater to different job site requirements and environments. Articulating boom lifts, for instance, can access difficult angles and positions due to their multiple jointed sections, making them suitable for tasks in confined spaces or around obstacles. Many boom lifts are equipped with features such as 360-degree rotation, allowing for precise positioning, which increases their adaptability in different work scenarios.

Increased Safety and Efficiency

Boom lifts prioritize safety by providing stable platforms for workers at height, equipped with safety rails and harness points. Compared to traditional methods like scaffolding or ladders, boom lifts offer a more secure and stable working platform, reducing the risks of falls or accidents. Their efficiency in accessing elevated areas quickly and easily can significantly improve productivity on job sites. Workers spend less time navigating obstacles or setting up equipment, leading to faster project completion times.

Boom Lift Education

Boom Lifts: Unveiling the Key Features for Increased Productivity

In the world of construction, maintenance, and various industrial applications, the utilization of efficient equipment is important for safety, convenience, and productivity. Among the variety of machinery available, boom lifts stand out as versatile and indispensable assets. These specialized lifts offer a range of features that not only facilitate elevated work but also significantly increase productivity across various sectors.

How Articulating Boom Lifts Simplify Complex Tasks

In today's dynamic work environments, efficiency and safety are vital, particularly in industries that involve working at heights or in challenging terrains. When it comes to accessing elevated areas while providing stability and maneuverability, articulating boom lifts have been revolutionary. These sophisticated machines have redefined how complex tasks are approached and executed, offering a blend of versatility, precision, and safety that significantly simplifies otherwise challenging jobs.

The Economic Benefits of Straight Boom Lifts in Construction Projects

Construction sites are bustling hubs of productivity, where precision, safety, and efficiency are crucial for success. Among the array of equipment used in these projects, straight boom lifts stand out as versatile assets that offer significant economic advantages. These towering machines, equipped with extendable arms and stable bases, play an important role in increasing productivity, maintaining safety, and cost savings within construction projects. Let's dive into the economic benefits of using straight boom lifts in construction projects, shedding light on their multifaceted contributions to the bottom line.


About All Access Services

Serving construction projects throughout Southern California with heavy equipment rentals, we have 3 locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside to serve our clients. Each location carries a fleet of scissor liftstelehandlersboom lifts, and forklifts available for rent at affordable rates. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry and hope to earn your trust and business!

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