As a JLG certified dealer, we have a wide selection of knuckle booms available for rent. We’ve helped many individuals and contractors in San Diego with their boom lift rental needs.

You wouldn’t hammer a nail with a screwdriver. Conversely, you wouldn’t bring a ladder to do the job of a boom lift. When your worksite is up off the ground, you need the right aerial lift to get the task done right and to keep your team safe.

Boom lifts are designed to carry one or more workers with their tools and materials up, over, and into their working environment. They are split into two major classes: telescopic and articulating:


A telescopic boom lift, also called a stick boom or a straight boom lift, feature a single hinged extendable arm able to stretch across great distances. They are stable and simple machines best suited for working in open spaces and on rectangular structures
An articulating boom lift, also known as a knuckle boom lift use segmented arms that can move the elevated platform around obstacles and into tight places. While a bit more complicated to operate and maintain, they are essential for working in crowded spaces and on complex structures

You have multiple choices for power sources: diesel, gas, electric, and hybrid power. Choose tires, treads, two-wheel or four-wheel drive depending on your terrain. Boom lifts vary in size from nimble folding 30-footers that can squeeze through a doorway to 180-foot monsters that can reach up to the 19th story.  Also commonly referred to as a bucket lift rental San Diego.

San Diego Boom Lift Equipment Rental

From 30 foot reach capacity to 100 foot reach capacity, we have the equipment for the job!

The development of the boom lift is marked by creative minds seeking to increase efficiency and safety for workers. The boom lift has come a long way since its creation, but modern ones look strikingly similar to their ancestors. The design never needed a complete overhaul.

We are working with powerful machines and dangerous heights. Like any construction job, you need to work the right way to stay safe. Proper training is necessary to prevent property damage, injuries, and death.

Contact our friendly staff today if you aren’t sure of your needs, and we can help evaluate the project!

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