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Fork Lift Rental

A forklift may not come to mind right away when you think about construction equipment. Very similar to a telehandler or scissor lift, forklifts are a very powerful piece of equipment that provides heavy lifting and transporting materials inside and outside.

What Is a Forklift Used For?

There are many different kinds of forklifts and they all have their own uses and advantages.

In general, a forklift is used for lifting, moving, and transporting materials.

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Common Industries Requiring Forklifts


In construction, industrial forklifts are used to move material across sites and distances. On construction sites, bricks and wood, as well as tile and other interior construction materials, are often delivered on pallets. They are easy to ship when packaged together. When they are delivered on-site, a forklift can help move them to where they are needed.

Because heavy-duty machines such as telehandlers and even front loaders can be fitted with fork attachments, you don’t often see actual forklifts on construction sites. The telehandler in particular is a great material mover because it can lift both up and out, allowing for easy transportation of materials to different levels of a project.


In the world of logistics, forklifts excel in a variety of ways, facilitating the movement of heavy pallets, loading and unloading trucks, and organizing inventory with speed.  Forklifts can navigate narrow warehouse aisles while having the power to lift pallets and products up high shelves. These capabilities allow for streamlined business processes and overall employee productivity. Modern forklifts come equipped with features including automated guidance sensors, which improves safety while minimizing errors.


In manufacturing, forklifts are vital for loading and unloading heavy goods from delivery trucks, organizing inventory in storage facilities, and aiding in the movement of goods along the production line. Their adaptability to different environments, matched with diverse attachments like clamps, forks, and booms, allows these machines to handle a variety of tasks, contributing to increased productivity while minimizing manual labor.

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The Versatility of the Forklift

While you may only picture a forklift in a warehouse, the forklift actually has many connections to the construction industry. Whether it’s loading supplies to be shipped to a construction site or stacking timber, bricks or other materials, the industry relies heavily on these machines. Without the ability to receive large orders of materials and have everything they need to actually build projects, a construction site would not be nearly as efficient. Whether it’s thanks to the pallet or an outcome of the first World War, it’s clear today that our industrial and commercial world would not exist without the forklift.

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Forklift Education

Warehouse Warriors: Harnessing the Power of Forklifts

In the busyworld of logistics and supply chain management, few machiens are as invaluable as the forklift. These versatile machines are the backbone of warehouses worldwide, facilitating the movement of goods with efficiency and precision. From towering shelves to heavy pallets, forklifts are the unsung heroes of the warehouse floor, silently powering the engine of commerce.

4 Benefits of Forklifts

Businesses of all shapes and sizes throughout the world rely on forklifts for day-to-day business operations. These machines are commonly used in distribution centers, warehouses, construction sites, manufacturing facilities, and contractors in a variety of industries. They are designed to lift, move, and stack heavy materials and products throughout a work site. Forklifts come in a few different types including: electric, diesel, and gas powered machines; they also offer a variety of benefits for businesses who use them. Let's explore some of the common benefits forklifts provide.

Forklifts: The Equipment Workhouse for Warehouses

Warehouses are hubs of activity where goods are received, sorted, stored, and dispatched. In this fast paced environment, warehouse managers rely on forlifts to make sure their teams have the right equipment to move heavy loads of materials or products quickly and safely around the facility. This is why the forklift has become one of the most important pieces of equipment in a warehouse.

Why People Confuse Telehandlers & Forklifts

For example, workers in some industries might use the terms “telehandler” and “forklift” interchangeably, even though they are two different categories of equipment that serve a few of the same functions. Some would be confused that you'd associate a telehandler (commonly used on a construction job project), with a forklift which they imagine driving around a warehouse or distribution center.

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We offer a free quote, please fill out our Request Estimate form or give us a call!


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