All Access Services carries a fleet of straight boom lifts available for rent for projects throughout the Orange County area. These versatile pieces of equipment are sought after for a variety of industries including construction projects, warehouses, and a variety of contractor industries (painting, tree trimming, HVAC, etc). With their ability to lift workers to great levels of height comfortably, straight boom lifts have become a common need in the region. All Access has worked hard to earn the trust of the Orange County business community with reliable straight boom lifts for rent in a variety of sizes depending on your project. Our staff is here to answer any questions you may have!

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Maintained. Reliable. Straight Boom Lifts for Rent

Our team of expert heavy equipment mechanics meticulously maintain our straight boom lifts so that you can rely on our equipment to be ready to perform each and every day. The straight boom lifts are maintained to the highest industry performance and safety standards to ensure no project downtime and no injuries. Straight boom lifts are a great choice if your project requires the need to maneuver around objects, with long arms that have the ability to reach difficult places of height. In comparison to scissor lifts, straight boom lifts extend higher with the ability to reach 185 feet with the large lifts while a scissor lift usually extends up about 50 ft max.

Orange County Boom Lift Rental Sizes

We have supplied scissor lifts to a variety of warehouses and construction projects throughout the Buena Park business community. You and your team rely on the jobsite equipment to perform as needed, and you will always receive a scissor lift that has been maintained to its highest potential. Scissor lifts come in a variety of sizes, at our Orange County location we have the following scissor lift sizes available for rent.

40 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
46 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
60 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
66 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
86 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
135 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
150 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent

We offer a free quote for all Orange County straight boom lift rentals, please fill out our "Request Estimate" form or
give us a call to speak with a representative!


straight boom lift rent orange county

We have proudly provide scissor lifts to jobsites and contractors throughout the Orange County area with a presence in Anaheim boom lift, Brea boom lifts, Fullerton boom lifts, Irvine boom lifts. Newport Beach boom lifts and the entire region! Buena Park boom lifts are a much needed piece of equipment for the region as well along with Yorba Linda boom lifts.

Mission Viejo Straight boom lifts, San Clemente boom lifts, Lake Forest boom lifts also known as telescopic boom lifts, are a type of aerial work platform that features a straight, extendable arm that can be raised and lowered to reach high places. The arm can be raised vertically, horizontally, or at an angle, making it an ideal tool for a variety of tasks, such as building construction, maintenance, and repair. Straight Westminster boom lifts, San Juan Capistrano boom lifts come in different sizes and models, with some able to extend up to 185 feet high, providing a maximum reach of about 150 feet.

One advantage of Founain Valley straight boom lifts, La Habra boom lifts is their ability to reach high places without the need for multiple set-ups or repositioning. They are also stable, safe, and easy to use, with most models having self-leveling features that allow them to operate on uneven terrain. Additionally, they are capable of lifting heavy loads and accommodating multiple workers at a time, making them an efficient tool for large-scale projects. With their versatility and ease of use, straight Tustin boom lifts are a popular choice for many industries, including construction, utilities, and maintenance.

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