Brea is a unique part of Orange County that continues to have construction projects that need the right heavy equipment for job sites. Outside of construction projects, there are a variety of Brea industries that need equipment available for rent including warehouses, distribution centers, and contractors of all industries. All Access Services is conveniently located in Orange County and provides boom lifts for rent. No matter if you need a boom lift for a day or months on end, our team will deliver the equipment when you need it, and pick up when the lift is no longer in use.

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Reliable Boom Lift Rental Company

All Access has become known as a reliable and trusted company for boom lift rentals and other heavy equipment rentals. One thing that sets us apart is that we understand how important jobsite efficiency is, and machine downtime can not only cause project delays, but create frustration with your work force. Our trained team of mechanics continuously maintain all equipment to ensure that it meets full performance and safety standards. You can rely on us to get you the right equipment for the job in need!

Boom Lift Rental Sizes Available

40 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
46 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
60 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
66 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
86 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
135 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
150 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent

Benefits a Boom Lift Provides

Increased Efficiency

Boom lifts offer increased efficiency in tasks requiring access to elevated areas. With their ability to extend vertically and horizontally, they provide workers with easy access to various heights and angles, reducing the need for manual climbing or setting up scaffolding. This translates to time savings and increased productivity on job sites.

Improved Safety

Boom lifts significantly improve safety for workers compared to traditional climbing methods or using ladders. They provide stable platforms with guardrails and harness attachment points, minimizing the risk of falls from heights. Boom lifts can be equipped with safety features such as tilt sensors and outriggers forstability, even on uneven terrain, further reducing the likelihood of accidents.


Boom lifts are highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of ndustries, including construction, maintenance, and event management. They can access tight or confined spaces, navigate obstacles, and reach heights that may be challenging or impossible with other equipment. Boom lifts come in different sizes and configurations, allowing for flexibility in use depending on specific job requirements. This versatility makes them indispensable tools for numerous tasks, improving the overall functionality and adaptability of work operations.

Popular Boom Lift Articles

The Economic Benefits of Straight Boom Lifts in Construction Projects

Construction sites are bustling hubs of productivity, where precision, safety, and efficiency are crucial for success. Among the array of equipment used in these projects, straight boom lifts stand out as versatile assets that offer significant economic advantages. These towering machines, equipped with extendable arms and stable bases, play an important role in increasing productivity, maintaining safety, and cost savings within construction projects. Let's dive into the economic benefits of using straight boom lifts in construction projects, shedding light on their multifaceted contributions to the bottom line.

How Articulating Boom Lifts Simplify Complex Tasks

In today's dynamic work environments, efficiency and safety are vital, particularly in industries that involve working at heights or in challenging terrains. When it comes to accessing elevated areas while providing stability and maneuverability, articulating boom lifts have been revolutionary. These sophisticated machines have redefined how complex tasks are approached and executed, offering a blend of versatility, precision, and safety that significantly simplifies otherwise challenging jobs.

Boom Lifts: Unveiling the Key Features for Increased Productivity

In the world of construction, maintenance, and various industrial applications, the utilization of efficient equipment is important for safety, convenience, and productivity. Among the variety of machinery available, boom lifts stand out as versatile and indispensable assets. These specialized lifts offer a range of features that not only facilitate elevated work but also significantly increase productivity across various sectors.

JLG Boom Lift Overview

A JLG boom lift is a versatile aerial work platform designed to elevate workers and their equipment to perform tasks at heights safely and efficiently. These lifts consist of a sturdy platform attached to an extendable arm, or "boom," which can be maneuvered vertically and horizontally to reach various work areas. JLG boom lifts come in different models with varying reach heights and weight capacities, making them suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, maintenance, and installation tasks. Equipped with advanced safety features and intuitive controls, JLG boom lifts provide workers with stable and reliable access to elevated workspaces, increasing productivity and maintaining workplace safety.

All Access Services

Serving construction projects throughout Southern California with heavy equipment rentals, we have 3 locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside to serve our clients. Each location carries a fleet of scissor liftstelehandlersboom lifts, and forklifts available for rent at affordable rates. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry and hope to earn your trust and business!

We offer a free quote for all Brea boom lift rentals, please fill out our "Request Estimate" form or give us a call!


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