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Boom lifts are most commonly seen on construction sites throughout the Temecula area, but are also commonly used on construction sites, in warehouses, distribution centers, and along with contractors of various industries such as painting, electrical, and HVAC. With a convenient location, All Access Services has a fleet of boom lifts available for rent on a short- or long-term basis. There are a variety of sizes available depending on your worksite needs, you simply let us know your Temecula location and we will deliver the equipment to your site. Our boom lifts for rent are maintained to the highest industry performance and safety standards to provide worksite efficiency.

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Types of Boom Lifts We Carry

Straight Boom Lifts

A telescopic boom lift is a versatile machine in the world of aerial work platforms.  They have an extendable arm that can reach impressive heights and distances. Known for its adaptability to various terrains and applications, this type of boom lift offers unmatched flexibility in accessing elevated work areas with stability. Designed to navigate congested or uneven surfaces, telescopic boom lifts are favored in construction, maintenance, and utility tasks, providing operators with enhanced maneuverability and safety features for efficient and secure aerial operations.

Articulating / Knuckle Boom Lifts

Articulating boom lifts, also known as knuckle lifts, are a versatile type of aerial work platform distinguished by their segmented arms, or booms, that provide flexibility and reach in various directions. Unlike straight telescopic boom lifts, articulating boom lifts feature multiple hinged sections, allowing them to maneuver around obstacles easily, making them a great solution for accessing hard-to-reach areas such as overhangs or above obstacles. Their ability to articulate or bend at multiple points provides increased maneuverability and machine positioning, making them commoly used in tasks requiring access to elevated locations with restricted access points or uneven terrain.

Towable Boom Lifts

Towable boom lifts feature a compact and lightweight design, making them a great solution for various outdoor uses where mobility is crucial. With their towable capability, they can be easily transported behind a vehicle, allowing for quick deployment to job sites. Towable boom lifts typically offer impressive reach and height capabilities, providing access to elevated areas for tasks such as maintenance, construction, and tree trimming.

Popular Sizes We Carry

40 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent

46 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
60 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
66 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
86 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
135 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent
150 ft Straight Boom Lift for Rent

Common Long Beach Industries We Serve


Boom lifts are very common in the Temecula construction industry, changing the way workers access elevated areas with safety and efficiency. Boom lifts come equipped with extendable arms or booms, provide versatile solutions for tasks ranging from building maintenance to installation of structures at heights. For the construction industry, boom lifts offer flexibility, allowing workers to navigate challenging terrains and reach inaccessible spots easily.

Film Production

From setting up elaborate lighting rigs to capturing aerial shots, boom lifts provide filmmakers and production crews with the flexibility to achieve their creative visions efficiently. Whether it's accessing difficult-to-reach locations or providing stable platforms for camera operators, these lifts improve production value while maintaining the safety of cast and crew. With their adjustable heights and reach capabilities, boom lifts serve as great assets in the filmmaking process, allowing directors to capture scenes at height and bring their cinematic visions to life.

Landscaping and Tree Care

In the Long Beach landscaping industry, these boom lifts  are used for tasks like trimming tall hedges, installing lighting fixtures, or pruning trees, allowing professionals to navigate uneven terrain and access hard-to-reach spots. In tree care, boom lifts facilitate the safe and controlled removal of dead branches, canopy shaping, and tree inspections, improving both the health and visual appeal of the greenery. With their ability to maneuver through tight spaces and extend vertically, boom lifts have become a common sight for Long Beach landscapers and arborists, improving the way they approach high-altitude tasks.

Popular Boom Lift Articles

The Economic Benefits of Straight Boom Lifts in Construction Projects

Construction sites are bustling hubs of productivity, where precision, safety, and efficiency are crucial for success. Among the array of equipment used in these projects, straight boom lifts stand out as versatile assets that offer significant economic advantages. These towering machines, equipped with extendable arms and stable bases, play an important role in increasing productivity, maintaining safety, and cost savings within construction projects. Let's dive into the economic benefits of using straight boom lifts in construction projects, shedding light on their multifaceted contributions to the bottom line.

How Articulating Boom Lifts Simplify Complex Tasks

In today's dynamic work environments, efficiency and safety are vital, particularly in industries that involve working at heights or in challenging terrains. When it comes to accessing elevated areas while providing stability and maneuverability, articulating boom lifts have been revolutionary. These sophisticated machines have redefined how complex tasks are approached and executed, offering a blend of versatility, precision, and safety that significantly simplifies otherwise challenging jobs.

860SJ High Capacity Straight Boom Lift Overview

About All Access Services

Serving construction projects throughout Southern California with heavy equipment rentals, we have 3 locations in San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside to serve our clients. Each location carries a fleet of scissor liftstelehandlersboom lifts, and forklifts available for rent at affordable rates. We strive to provide the best customer service in the industry and hope to earn your trust and business!  Other aerial equipment we provide Long Beach businesses includes telehandlers and scissor lifts.

We offer a free quote, please fill out our Request Estimate form or give us a call!


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